Program launch checklist

Use this checklist if you want coaches to be able to send invitations to clients to form a One-to-One connection.

Program General settings

  1. List the role(s) that will be assigned to new members joining the program, for example you may want them to be assigned as a Client. If you select more than one role in this box, when you invite a user you'll be asked what their role is.

  1. List the role(s) that can invite people to this program from the One-to-One area, for example you may want to make sure only a Coach can invite people.

  2. Make sure you've added yourself (and any other users/coaches) to the program. You can only invite people to programs that you're a member of.

Community Settings

  1. Homepage message/video: assign a homepage message to this program, either from your existing homepage messages or create a new one and set the access settings to make it available to this program (or set it as public).
  2. Session templates: you may have your session templates set to 'Public' so that you can use them with any program in which case you don't need to do anything. If they're set to specific programs, make sure you assign the templates you want to use with this program or you may want to create specifically tailored templates for use with this program. (see how to create templates here:


  1. Create any relevant MindLab modules and publish them to the program (or public).If you want to use modules you've already created for other programs you can just go in and adjust the access settings.

Inviting members

  1. Once you've added yourself (and any other users/coaches) to the program, you're ready to go ahead and invite clients..


  1. Community engagement. Do you want to allow users of this program to interact by making posts and comments? You can make existing engagement posts available to this program or create community engagement posts specifically for this program. Be aware that Community Engagement posts available across more than one program will allow your users to see people in those other programs.

  2. MailChimp integration. If you're using the MailChimp integration then add it for this list under the program General Settings. Link the program to a Mailchimp list so that people accepting an invitation to this program are added to your MailChimp list.

  3. Directory. If you want to set up a directory listing of program members see more on that here: You can include all members of the program in the directory or select which roles you want to be visible. For example, if you select just the coach role to be visible then clients will be able to see the profiles of all coaches in the program and request a connection.