Session view

Before the session

Both the coach/mentor and client can access the session resources and notes at any time. The day before the session is due to take place both parties will receive a reminder by email that they have a session the next day and you can edit the email template if you wish to remind them to complete any session notes before the session starts.Go to Settings>Email Templates>Notification: Session Tomorrow.

For Email Template help see here: Email Templates

After the session

Just before the session is due to finish another reminder will go out via email to remind you and your client to complete any post session notes. Again you can edit this email template if you wish (see the Email Templates link above)

Shared notes

Wherever you see the Shared and green unlocked icon you will know that the notes you make are to be shared with another user. When you click on the Shared link you will see a popup with the list of any user who has access to the note.

For user privacy and security any sharing must be setup in the session template BEFORE a session is booked! Any changes you make to a session template will only affect future sessions, not those that have already been booked.

Downloading session notes

You can now download your session notes in a great looking PDF document so you can keep backups if you wish or take your session notes into a meeting. At the bottom of the session view you will see the download button.