Program basics

When you invite people into your community you will be inviting them into a program. You'll find we have created a program in your community called “New members”, this template allows you to invite clients from the front end as well as from the community management area. You may wish to keep this program active and have it as an entry point to the community then move clients out of this program as you wish. You can configure any program to operate like this if you wish.

Programs are also a useful way of organizing your members. For example you may want all "One-to-One clients" to be in a program and your "Online group coaching clients" to be in another. You can change which programs a user is a member of at any time and a user may be a member of several programs.

One-to-One connections

When a member invites another person to form a One-to-One connection, they will also share a program in your community. You can move users from the initial program later if you wish.

Inviting users from the One-to-One area

If you want to be able to invite people to share a One-to-One connection (and join your community) this is configured in program settings. You will also need to be a member of the program in-order to be able to invite them to join.