Outgoing email settings

Basic email settings

This is the name of your support team.

Community support email address
The email address that support messages are sent to when a client raises a request.

Support form greeting
This is the greeting message displayed in the right hand bar when clients click on the contact button. Your clients can type a message which is sent through to your support email address.

Enable feedback auto respone When clients make contact via the request for help (the above feature), you can automatically send a response (see email template). This switches the automatic email on or off.

Send email:
There are 3 options as to how email is sent from your CoachingCloud community.

  1. via CoachingCloud email
    This is the simplest form, all outgoing email is sent from no-reply@coachingcloud.com. This means all of your clients will see that these emails come from the CoachingCloud platform.

  2. via CoachingCloud’s SMTP servers powered by Mandrill (MailChimp)
    This will make CoachingCloud outgoing emails invisible to your customers, all emails will appear as being sent from your domain. In order to configure this and protect from spam you will need to have access to your DNS records and create an SPF record and DKIM record. Once you have done this click the ‘Check DNS’ button to ensure this is set up correctly. You will also need to tell us so that we can send you a verification email that you will need to respond to in order to finalise the set up. Email us at help@coachingcloud.com.

  3. via my own custom SMTP servers
    This will use your own email servers to send outgoing emails to your community members. You will need to enter the domain and login details including your password to activate this service. All of this information is specific to your email provider and they will be able to supply you with these details. For example if you are on Gmail the settings are:
    Domain : smtp.gmail.com
    Port : 465 
    Login: your email address 
    Password: your password 
    Authentication: SMTP 
    Connect using SSL: ensure this box is ticked

    If you are unsure what these are, check with your email provider.

Once you have done this you need to click the ‘Test connection’ button to ensure the email is activated.

Copy all email to:
Enter an email address to receive copies of all outgoing email for testing purposes. We advise you to remove this as soon as you are ready to go live.

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