Booking sessions

Booking a session with a client is done from the One-to-One area in the front end of the platform. You must have invited a client to share a One-to-One connection with you before they show up in the list of connections and you can book sessions with them. All sessions use a session template, this template holds the resources and notes areas for you and your client both before and after the session. When you select a template, CoachingCloud takes a copy of this template and creates the session from it.

  1. Navigate to the One-to-One space you share with the client
  2. Click on Sessions from the left-side navigation
  3. If you have any past, booked or planned sessions you will see them listed here
  4. Click on the red (+) plus button in the bottom right hand corner of the page
  5. Choose a session template
  6. Edit or add the details for the session and click on Save
  7. The session will now appear in the list and you can click on it to access the notes and resources

Sessions can only be booked by users whose role allows them to host a session with the currect connection. For example a coach or mentor can book a session with a client.

Planned sessions

When you add a session and save it but don't set a date and time, CoachingCloud saves it as a planned session. This allows you to create a set of planned sessions for a client and track how many sessions you have left to go even when you have not agreed a date and time.

Taking payments for sessions

When you link your CoachingCloud community to either PayPal or Stripe, you can set a price for the session. Clients will be able to make a payment for the session through the session detail page.

Tracking cost If you don't wish to take payments from clients in this way you can simply set a price for the session and take payments in another way. If this is the case CoachingCloud will track the cost without asking for payment.