Creating a program tutorial

Programme name, this is used to identify the group and can be changed at any time.

Assign role when a new user joins this programme, this is only needed if you intend to invite people into this programme from the One-to-One space.

Roles that can invite new members from One-to-One area, this is used in conjunction with the above. You can specify which roles people have to have in-order to be able to invite users into this programme (and your community) from the One-to-One space. A user also has to be a member of the programme to be able to invite others into it from the One-to-One space.

Link to MailChimp list This specifies which list the programme is to update when integrating to MailChimp. The first time you add this (or if you change it) you can click on the Synchronise MailChimp button, after this CoachingCloud will automatically keep the list up-to-date.

See the section on MailChimp integration for more details on this.