Onboarding users

Here you will find a bunch of resources to help you customise the onboarding process for your clients and team of coaches or mentors if you have one.

These videos can be embedded onto CoachingCloud in any of the areas you wish. For example you could create a series of MindLab modules or you could customise the help and support area in the right hand bar and add some videos in there.

To add videos into the MindLab you can simply add a video section and post the video URL into the corerct area (see the section on MindLab studio).

To add videos into the right hand help and support use the following embed code:


For all users

  1. Homepage and Navigation https://vimeo.com/195854699

  2. Creating a vision https://vimeo.com/201133857

  3. Editing and sharing a vision https://vimeo.com/201144088

  4. Using focus items https://vimeo.com/201173797

  5. Starting a Conversation https://vimeo.com/196171998

  6. Adding your profile https://vimeo.com/196089671

For coaches and mentors

  1. Viewing your sessions https://vimeo.com/199047403

  2. Inviting clients to connect https://vimeo.com/196454796

  3. MindLab Progress https://vimeo.com/196447078

  4. MindLab Marketplace https://vimeo.com/196437104

  5. Session template video https://vimeo.com/196340155

  6. Booking a Session https://vimeo.com/196179587

  7. Conversations : Sending timed messages https://vimeo.com/196175032