Email templates

When you invite people to your community, when sessions are booked or re-scheduled, when people send a request to change their password, emails are triggered from CoachingCloud and you can modify and personalise each of these.

If your community is aimed at non-English speakers, you can translate both the subject and content of the emails into your local language.

From the Settings menu, select Email templates from the left hand side menu.

Here you will see the list of all system notification emails that are sent out, some of these will apply to your community and some will not. For example, if you are a solo coach the chemistry session emails will not apply, these are only applicable for larger communities with automated matching. You are able to edit the text and select a template for each email (see a full list of the email templates below).

Clicking on any of the emails in the template list, you will see the default text at the top of the screen and at the bottom is a preview of how the email will appear. In between these is a Template theme dropdown menu. This has a selection of templates that you can choose from, each time you select one you will see the preview below.

To edit the Invite New User email, click on it to show the detail; this is the invitation that your clients will receive when you invite them to join your community.

You can edit the email Subject and the Content, adding your own wording but being careful not to remove the links and name fields which are all indicated with square brackets: [firstname], [communityName]

The Content preview box shows you a real time preview of your email as you update the text and how your finished email will look with the template you have chosen.

Select a template from the Template theme dropdown which allows you to choose a template to complement your branding. You can choose different templates for each email, you may prefer an email template with a full banner for invitation emails but a simpler template for Session reminder emails. Think about the experience of people within your community and ensure all initial emails they receive are clearly branded with your organisation logo.

You can edit all of the emails in this way, personalising them with your own wording and branding.

If you want to send additional emails out to members of your community - see MailChimp integration help.

List of email templates

Sign up: Welcome new member
ONLY sent out if you have open access to your community, i.e. a landing page from your website allowing anyone to sign up to your community. In this case, this email is sent out to verify their email address to check you have real people signing up and not bots or people using spoof emails.

SignUp : Notification to admin
Sent to the community owner when a new user signs up to your community.

SignUp : After 3 days
Sent out 3 days after a new user signs up. We highly recommend that you personalise this email to suit your client community.

Connection approval
Sent when a someone in your community requests a connection with another person within your community. You may not have your community configured in a way that you would ever make connections in this way.

Change password request
Sent out when a user click the Reset Password link on the login screen.

Invite new user
Sent when you invite a new user from the ‘Manage Community’ Users area. This invites someone to your community but does not form a one to one connection with the new user so you all not see them in your one to one area.

Invite registered user
Sent when inviting someone to your community who is already a member of CoachingCloud so they already have an account set up. For example : If you have a team of coaches working for you in your community and you create a new community for a client, this invitation will go out when you invite your coaches to that community.

One to One: Invitation
Sent when inviting someone from the One to One area of CoachingCloud so this invitation invites them to your community and to forms a one to one connection with you.

Chemistry: session request
Only for enterprise solution.

Chemistry: session no-go
Only for enterprise solution.

Chemistry: session acceptance
Only for enterprise solution.

Notification: Session booked
Sent to a client when a session has been booked with them. You can add into this email a reminder to complete any questions in the ‘Before’ area the session.

Notification: Session rescheduled
Sent when a session date or time is changed.

Notification: Session tomorrow
Sent the day before the session to remind the client.

Session notes
Sent before the end of a session to remind the client to complete their session notes. It is intended that this email is waiting for them when they complete the session so that they take action right away!

Notification: Space updated
Sent to coach or client whenever an update is made to their conversation space. The email is just to let them know that an update has been made so that they know to go into CoachingCloud to read it. It doesn’t include the text of the conversation as we have to maintain confidentiality between coach and client and personal assistants have access to email.

Suspend notification
If you need to stop someone from accessing your community for any reason such as non-payment, you can suspend them. When you do this you will see there is the option to send an email notification to let the user know that their account has been suspended.

Help & Feedback auto responder
If you have chosen to switch on the support email responder, this email is sent out when a client posts a support request from your community.