MindLab basics

Self-paced learning for your community members.

MindLab is an area on CoachingCloud where you can publish content for your community members to access. The content is packaged into modules. Each module can contain a number of pages that can include text, videos, documents to download such as PDF’s or Audio recordings, and you can also add questions for a user to answer online. You can choose who in your community can access the modules you create by creating groups of users and publishing the module to one or more groups.

MindLab Studio

MindLab Studio allows you to create and publish modules into the MindLab marketplace on the front end of CoachingCloud. You can target these modules to specific programmes in your community or make them accessible to all members of your community. When a client shares their MindLab progress with a coach or mentor, the coach or mentor can see how far they are through the module and also see answers to any questions the client has completed.