Program FAQ

How do I invite clients to share a One-to-One and join a program?
If you want a new client to join a program and share a One-to-One connection with you it is much smoother to invite them from the One-to-One area and select the program there.

I can't see the program when I invite clients to a One-to-One
By default when you create a program it is only visible from the management area. To make it visible in the One-to-One area so you can invite clients there are 2 things you need to check:

  1. You must be a member of a program to be able to invite people
  2. The general settings need to be correct to allow a coach to invite clients

To correctly configure the general settings:

  1. Goto the program general settings
  2. Select the default role to be assigned when someone joins "client"
  3. Select the role that is allowed to invite new members to the program "coach".

A user can't sign-in/login or reset their password, what's wrong?

  1. Ask them to check spam for the link to password reset
  2. The password reset has a security feature where the link will expire after a time. Make sure they reset the password right after requesting the reset.
  3. Check they are using the correct email for their login (we use email not username at the sign in prompt)