Session template tutorial

When you make a session booking the session takes a copy of this template, so any changes you make to the template won't be reflected in past or current booking, only new sessions you book. This is to preserve your data and to stop you deleting important notes by accident.

Basic information

This basic information is used when booking a session and can be overiden at the time of booking.

Name, every session needs a name, this is the name that will be displayed when picking a session template. This name is also used as the default name for the session when it is booked, you can rename the session at the time of booking or after it had been booked.

Duration, (optional) can be set for any number of hours and minutes.

Location, (optional) where the session will take place eg Skype, Office etc

Cost, (optional) if billing is of can be used to track cost.

Bill through CoachingCloud, if billing is turned on clients will be asked to pay via PayPal or Stripe.

Access settings, defines which programmes can access and use this session template.

Before session & After session

Under these two sections you can add any resources you want the users to have access to before and after the sesison. These resources can be in the form of videos and documents etc and can be targeted to the session host (coach / mentor) and/or the client. This section also holds the questions you want to ask and who has access to the answers.

How to add a question

  1. First click on the "Add session note" and select the "Question" type from the list. Question

  2. You will see the question detail section where you can fill in the Title and optional Help text. Detail

  3. You can put your question into either area, both will be shown to the user. If the answer is to be shared the title and answer will be visible to the other user, not the help text. Example

  4. Now you can select who should answer the question and if the answer is to be shared or kept private. Target

  5. This example shows a question for the client which is shared with the coach. Example-2