Inviting people

CoachingCloud helps you to work with two categories of client in your community:

  • Clients who have a One-to-One connection with you
  • Clients who only have access to your online programs (and no connection with you)

There are two different ways to invite clients. If you want to form a One-to-One connection it is much smoother if you invite your clients from the One-to-One coaching area and NOT the community management area!

One-to-One clients

When you invite your clients from the One-to-One area in the front end of CoachingCloud, you are inviting them to share a One-to-One connection with you within your community. This would be used for your coaching and mentoring clients who are having sessions with you.

  1. From the front end go to One-to-One, hover on the '+' icon and click on Add Contact.
  2. Enter the contact details for your client, their email and name. If you want to invite several people at once just click on the 'Add another' link under the contact details.
  3. Click on Send invitation... and that's it!

Your client will receive an invitation email with the branding and wording you configured earlier, and a link to join your community. When they follow this link they will be taken to your community registration page to finalise some details. Once they have completed this step they will be a member of your community and share a One-to-One connection with you. You don't need to wait for them to complete this step before you book One-to-One sessions or start a conversation. Once they've joined you'll have a private space where the two of you can interact.

Inviting One-to-One clients to a specific program
By default all One-to-One connections are added to the program called New Members. If you would like to invite clients to share a One-to-One connection with you in a specific program then you can configure this for each program. See the ‘Program Settings’ video on how to set this up. Once you have set your programs up to enable you to invite people directly to them, the video above takes you through the invitation process.

Community members only

When you invite clients from the community management 'Programmes' area, the invitation is for the client to only join your community and not form a One-to-One connection with you. This method is typically used when you wish to provide access to online content for clients to work through on their own.

  1. From the front end homepage, click on Manage community to navigate to the community management area.
  2. On the main navigation top-bar click on Users to see the list of programs in your community.
  3. Click on the program name you wish to invite your client to. You will see the Manage users area that shows a list of current members of this programme.
  4. Click on the + Invite button and enter the contact details for the client.
  5. Select a Role for this user, normally you will be inviting clients, if you want to invite other coaches or mentors you can.

You can serve a large number of clients this way and when the client is ready to take One-to-One coaching from you (potentially at a higher fee) then a connection between the two of you can be formed at this time.