Engagement basics

Community engagement is a way to encourage active and structured discussion between community members. You can allow specific programme members to create new posts and reply to posts. For example you may want to allow all members of your community to “Ask a Mentor” by posting a question or something they want help with, but only allow coaches to respond.

Setting up who can create a new post

New post title
This is the title for the type of engagement - for example “Ask a Mentor” and “Share something”

New post help text
This will be shown to the person creating a post to guide them.

Limit post characters This allows you to limit the number of characters in a new post (in the same way twitter is limited to 140 characters). This stops users creating lengthy posts and keeps them focused.

Programmes allowed to create new posts
Allows you to control who can create new posts from the front end.

Categories After typing the text for the post the user is asked for a title and also a category. This keeps the posts organised. You must create at least one category for users to choose from.