Creating a module

MindLab modules can be created and published to the marketplace for your community. A user can browse your marketplace and choose to add a module to their library and work through the content.

  1. Select MindLab Studio from the top-bar menu
  2. Click on Create
  3. Give your module a title and short description, this is displayed in the marketplace
  4. Select Overview and write an overview, this is only displayed when someone selects a module from the marketplace to put in their library, after it is in the Library it is not shown again
  5. Select Content and add your content on one or more pages
  6. Select Marketplace and choose how you want to publish

Adding your content

You can add several pages to a module to make it easier for people to work through. The page title is optional. When someone is working through a module, there is a button on each page to ‘Mark page as completed’. This shows their progress to anyone they are sharing the module with such as their coach or mentor, who will also be able to see the answers they enter to any questions within the module.

Publish the module

The Marketplace section allows you to set a price if you wish to charge for the module and to choose which programmes within your community have access to it. Note: the payment settings are disabled until the Paypal integration is complete allowing you take payments.

Advanced formatting

MindLab supports markdown which is a simple syntax if you would like to add more frmatting. See the section on Using markdown